Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pymatuning Reservoir - August 21-22

Pymatuning Reservoir is a really big lake, but it has some terrific places to explore. We camped at the Jamestown Campground on the south shore of the reservoir and had a direct access, from our campsite, to a beautiful inlet with some great back water. In 30 years of marriage, this was Robbin and I's first real camping trip (Robbin's not the "outdoorsie" type). We knew that going anywhere with her brother Bob and his wife Donna, and our niece Chelsey and her boyfriend T.J. would be a blast, so it wasn't too hard to talk her into it. It turned out to be one of the best times we've ever had and we're already planning more camping trips for next year. Of course it helped that there were hot showers and toilets that flushed, but hey, we slept in a tent so it's still camping, right?

Pymtuning - Off The Water

At the spillway, the carp leap on top of one another to try and get the bread that people throw to them.

"Where the ducks walk on the fish".

The ducks and geese compete with the carp for hand-outs.

Chelsey and Robbin show off their gourmet "grill-meal".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kiskiminetas River - Roaring Run(Apollo) to Vandergrift - Sept. 13

The Kiski River was in big trouble. Sewerage runoff and acid mine drainage had covered the river bottom with a thick layer of rust colored mud and made it devoid of all life. Children were warned to stay away from the river or they would get sick. Due in large part to a number of hard working grass roots organizations such as Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin Alliance , the Kiski has been restored to it's former glory.

Roaring Run to Vandergrift is an easy 4 mile paddle if the water level is high enough. If the river level is down, it can get a little tricky around the Apollo bridge. Access and parking are good at the Roaring Run trail head and under the Vandergrift bridge. This is one of the trips that Robbin and I like to take after work or on the weekend when we only have a limited amount of time. There are a lot of beautiful sights in this short stretch of river. The Kiski is Robbin's favorite place to paddle, and this is her favorite section.