Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paddle At The Point - Click Here For More Information

On Saturday June 5th, Robbin and I plan to be part of an attempt to set a Guinness World's Record for the largest paddling flotilla of kayaks and canoes. This record setting attempt is included as part of Pittsburgh's World Environmental Day Celebration. The current record is 1,104 canoes and kayaks, but Venture Outdoors is trying to register 1500 boats to create a record that will last. So far there are over 1,300 registered so they're well on their way. We're looking forward to it. It should be really cool to see that many boats in the same place at the same time. I hope the weather cooperates.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kiski River - Saltsburg To Roaring Run - 5/8/2010

This was my first trip of the season as part of the "Pittsburgh Kayakers" Meet-Up group. Unfortunately I had a time limit and couldn't stop at the Avonmore launch area for brunch or be there for dinner and a campfire along the river at the end of the trip. The next time I'll schedule my time a little better because it seemed like a great group.

I got to Saltsburg a little early so I paddled around for a while to warm up and kill some time. It didn't take too long to realize that this trip was going to be a workout. The river level was up a little higher than normal creating some great class 2 areas. Also, a strong, constant headwind, that gusted to 50 mph, was blowing upstream. Those conditions combined to create a rough, choppy water surface in places, that broke over the front of my kayak and landed in my lap.

This was the last time I was completely dry. As you can see, my Fusion has a pretty low profile and a large cockpit opening which doesn't make it very class 2 friendly. Seals makes a custom order spray skirt for this kayak. One of these days I'll quit talking about it and just order it. My NRS gear did it's job though. Even with the steady wind, air temps in the lower 50's, and that much water hitting me, I stayed warm. In all honesty though, I probably could have stayed a lot drier if those big riffles weren't so tempting. I'm hoping to run into those same conditions sometime when the air temperature is around 80.

** Distance traveled - 14.5 miles. **

This is the only quick shot I got of any of the riffles.

The same area 2 weeks earlier.

I took shelter behind this big rock to get out of the wind for a while and have a snack.

Remnants of the PA Main Canal Line.

I've been past here several times now and still can't figure out how they got this down here.

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but I admire it every time I paddle past it.