Monday, November 1, 2010

Nags Head/Manteo, North Carolina - 10/18/2010 - "My Intentions Were Good."

On 10/17, Robbin and I headed off to Nags Head, North Carolina to attend the wedding of my cousin Warren to the girl of his dreams, Callie. I figured that while I was down there I'd rent a kayak and do a little touring around the many waterways in the area. I solicited North Carolina kayaker/blogger Mike West, of Durhamblogger fame, for info on Outer Banks weather, rental opportunities, and even restaurant suggestions(Thanks Mike).

The Outer Banks are a kayaker's paradise. There are no fewer than 8 different "eco-tours" available that take you through various wildlife refuges, maritime forests, marshes, and bird sanctuaries.

This, however, is as close as I got to a kayak all week. I took a picture of someone else paddling at Manteo.

This is how I spent my week. I just couldn't put the book down and drag myself off the beach. I did wear my kayak hat in honor of my good intentions though......

.....and I did see some wildlife.

Robbin and I fell in love with the Nags Head area and are planning a return trip in late Spring. I will definitely be doing some kayaking then.

For info on Outer Banks kayak "eco-tours" go to:

Sunset over the Manteo waterfront.

This was the best and most important part of the entire week. Warren and Callie were married on the beach, under a driftwood arbor, in the most beautiful ceremony that I've ever seen.