Monday, April 26, 2010

Yellow Creek State Park - 4/10/2010

Yellow Creek State Park was another lake that I'd heard about and wanted to try, but knew nothing about. I was surprised by the size of it. It's a large, open lake with a lot of smaller coves to explore. The weather was sunny and cold, but very windy the day I was there. The wind whipping across the lake created some pretty rough conditions that, at times, tested the limitations of my 10 foot Fusion kayak. I was tossed around like a cork while crossing some of the larger expanses and was really wishing I would have gotten that spray skirt I had my eye on. Most of the time it's nice having such a large cockpit opening, but this wasn't one of them. Yellow Creek is a beautiful place though and I really enjoyed my day paddling there. The coves and creeks were sheltered and calm, and the rough water of the lake made for a great core workout.

Yellow Creek

Little Yellow Creek

* The park is named for Yellow and Little Yellow creeks, which create the lake. The creeks have lots of yellow clay in the banks and bottoms.

My Garmin track log for this trip can be found in the Track Log section.

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