Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Swanks FINALLY Get Around To Joining (Kicking & Screaming) The 21st Century!!

Robbin and I have finally gotten around to buying a new computer. We'd been using the same HP Pavilion since 2001. We may have been the last people around to still have dial-up internet access too. I would look longingly at You Tube like a guy staring through the showroom window at a new Ferrari and thinking to himself,"I'd really like that", but coming to the realization that it will never happen. At a blazing 3kbps I would have to start loading a short video before work and maybe it would be finished when I got home. To add insult, my favorite websites started to turn their backs, telling me they didn't like my outdated browser anymore. It even got to be a chore to work on this blog. I probably would still be using my old friend, it was like an old pair of shoes (and most of my wardrobe), pretty worn and outdated but familiar and comfortable. I knew where everything was. My son started a new job that takes him out of town for extended periods however, and the lure of communicating via Skype became too great. It's going to take a a while to learn this thing, it's like going from a Yugo to that Ferrari, but I'm looking forward to seeing what I've been missing. :-)

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